Camp Voyageur is located on a 110-acre facility that is located 30 miles west of Minneapolis and is adjacent to Little Long Lake. There are approximately twenty summer staff that serve 400 youth, ages 6 – 17. There are a variety of programs, which include nature, arts and crafts, athletics, archery, and many more.


Perks of Working at Voyageur:

  • Awesome experience working with Boys & Girls Youth from ages 6-15!
  • Lifelong friendships with coworkers from around the globe!
  • Leadership opportunities!
  • Experience working on a team!
  • Working in an active environment!
  • Outdoor Camping Experiences!
  • Weekly Campfires!
  • Weekly room and board!
  • Archery!
  • Watersports (paddle boarding, canoeing, fishing, swimming)!
  • Camp songs!
  • Silly games!
  • Endless laughs!
  • Lifelong Memories!

Summer Employment


Basic Purpose:

The basic purpose of the course is to provide youth with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills. The teens will also enjoy a diverse environment, build outdoor living skills, and gain a better understanding of the natural environment, themselves, and their peers.

Course Responsibilities:

To participate in all formal training sessions

To be on time and report to Program Coordinator

Participate in a CIT special project throughout the summer

Assist in program areas, cabins, or day camp

Participate in volunteer programs

Hand in all assignments when required


Willingness to work in all areas of camp

Ability to participate in all activities

Minimum age 15

Positive attitude, willing to learn new things, and meet new people

* Completing this program does not guarantee you a camp counseling job or a return into the CIT program the following summer. The intent is to help you gain leadership and camping skills to help you become a qualified applicant.